Monday, January 9, 2006

With Love, From Jail

My brother got these for my sister and I for our brithday and Christmas. They're from jail. These guys take strings from their sheets or clothes and make stuff with 'em. I never saw anyone with any dream catchers before! They're so awesome, aren't they? Leo got me orange because I like Clemson. Isn't that sweet? Those crosses are really cool too. I just found out that they were supposed to be for Mom and Dad but they already have one. So, they said that we could have them. I'm wearing mine right now, and my dream catcher is hanging from my rear view mirror.

This is the card that Leo gave us. He said to make sure that no one else combined our Birthdays/Christmas. But he's our big brother, so he can get away with it.

Pretty cool, eh?



Brad & Ash said...

beautifull dream catchers

:) ashlynn

Running2Ks said...

Very beautiful!


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