Wednesday, January 18, 2006

She went to school one day...

Spring semester started last week. So, that's fun. I'm being all studious and stuff, it's weird.

I was never the studying kind of girl in highschool. And anyway, if I go on to grad school, no one is going to give a crap about my undergrad.

Oh wait, I'll never go to gradschool.

Of course, there was a point in my life when I never though I'd go to college. Not because lack of brains, but because lack of want to. Why go to college when you can get married at 18? Not to diss anyone who did get married at 18, but it's not for me. Being 21, I think I finally realize that.

Pokey called me last night and asked if I would be the Trading Post Director. I'm going to be getting paid more than I thought I would. But they couldn't find anyone else. I wonder if Ru-sell knows that they hired a business manager.

I really wanted to work with Colin. And they said that they would make time so that I could work at the waterfront sometime. I hope Weston applied for the TP, even if he's only 17 I want him to be my AD. He was a good worker...

Oh gosh, camp isn't anywhere near and I'm already into ackronyms. Jeez.


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