Sunday, January 15, 2006

I want the fairy tale

I just watched two fairytales on TV. Ella Enchanted and Pretty Woman.

I loved Ella Enchanted, it was so sweet. I love Anne Hathaway and she was great in this cute little flick. She got the happy ending. I like happy endings. Ella was beautiful and smart and she married Prince Charming. Oh, and she could sing.

Pretty Woman is a modern day fairytale of a different sort. I mean, it's a different concept. Who thinks up "lets make up this movie about this guy who picks up a hooker"? She ends up getting the fairytale anyway, though, doesn't she?

I love happy endings.

I want a happy ending.

I want someone who thinks about me during the day and then dreams about me at night.

I'm all in a lovey-dovey mood right now.

That doesn't happen to entirely often. Despite all my dreaming about guys, I often refer to it as, "Yucky love stuff"

I want some yucky love stuff right about now.


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