Sunday, November 27, 2005

Purple Sweet Tart

i got this by image googling 'cherries'
I had a new type of cocktail last night. A purple sweet tart. Very sweet, it tastes just like the candy! It also comes with three cherries on a stir-straw. It may be my new cocktail.

I went out last night with Michael. We intended on playing some pool but we were at Corner Pocket for a long time and we never got a table, so we went to Sassafras, had a couple of drinks, and then went to Wild Wings for some munchies.


I had a lot of fun. We played a game. One would ask a questions and the other one would have to answer, and then the asker would have to answer his own question as well.

What's your most striking feature?
What's your fondest childhood memory?
What's your greatest accomplishment?

Stuff like that. I said my greatest accomplishment was teaching someone how to walk.

He drove me home, and we hung out for a little while. Michael left around 12:35. All in all, not a very late night...relatively. So, that was good.

and Damien are so freaking cute. Did I tell you we got kittens? They are adorable.

Oh, and guess what? I've done my Christmas shopping for my parents, Mary, Lauren, and Alex. That's almost everyone. Just a couple more stuff to pick up. No boyfriend this that saves me at least a hundred bucks. Yay!


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