Friday, November 18, 2005


Creepy-Kevin wasn't so creepy after all. He was very nice.

What annoys me about him, though, if your curious:
Always refers to Max as 'my other boyfriend' --> because I have a boyfriend to begin with, right?
Tried to tell me that I offered to take him out for dinner --> not on the first date, no way!
Calls me a bit too much --> wanting to see me, offering to buy me lunch, wanting to talk and talk and talk and hello, I'm at work!
Clingy --> "I really just want to see you! I know your busy, but I just want to see you and give you a hug."
Again --> "I've gotta see you soon!"
And again --> "Why can't we go out tonight?"

It's weird. right?


Matt said...

You talk about Max like you're dating him. But then again, you overanalyze everything.

Tiffany said...

I am dating him, just not exclusively.


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