Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Going to sleep

It's only 8:30AM and Lauren is already down for her morning nap!

I was holding her in my arms and I could tell she was going to fall asleep soon. She was clinging onto her pink blanket for dear life and sucking on her thumb. I sat in the computer chair and swayed back and forth for a little while...and she fell asleep. I love it when she falls asleep in my arms. She used to do it often...months & months ago.

She didn't even stir when I stood up and walked around for a bit. She did when I was standing at her crib trying to decide whether or not she would wake up if I put her in. She kinda spazzed for a second, and then fell back asleep.

Alex is watching Caillou. He loves Caillou. In the morning, he gets to watch Clifford & Caillou. Then the TV 'goes to sleep' Maybe we'll play the sliding game today, that's always fun.


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