Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thank about the good things you have today.

Yeah, nice sentiment but that's a crappy fortune.

Along with, "You are heading in the right direction."

It was great getting two fortunes from one cookie...but...they weren't fortues, they were "feel good sayings". You know it.

What happen to fortunes coming out of fortune cookies, that's what I'd like to know!!!

I've been going full-speed lately and I am pretty tired. I'm not even half-way thru Lord, Have Mercy yet and I have two books lined up after it. [Mere Christianity & The Four Loves both by C.S. Lewis]

I work an average of fifty hours a week. It's either 55 hours or 45 hours, depending on whether or not I work on Wednesday. I get ever other Wednesday off, you know. It's a rather nice break, especially as I don't get Saturdays off for the most part anymore.

In addition to work, I have Boy Scouts every Monday and Religious Ed every Wednesday. Every other Tuesday, I have a DOC small group. Every other Sunday, I have the college small group. Once a month, the DOC has Theology Au Latte. Once a month, I try to go to Trad Mass. Sundays mornings are bible study & Mass. Maybe lunch, if I can swing it. Every other Wednesday [the one where I don't work and get to go to Mass :-D] I go to Benediction & Adoration at St. Mary's. Brent comes out smelling like church. :-D

I also go to Acoustic Seen every Wednesday night [last night, Confirmation, was an exception] with Brent. We go after we teach our respective Religious Ed classes and are there from 8pm on. Meaning we leave anywhere from 9:45 pm to 11:30 pm.

So, I was supposed to go camping this weekend. But I decided to snaggle out of that so that I may catch my breath. I think I'll spend all of Saturday morning watching Pride & Prejudice.

Here's my weekend:
Friday -> Work then Steve's 20th b-day party.
Saturday -> Confession then maybe Mass. Jacob Johnson's concert.
Sunday -> Dad's Bible Study, Mass, maybe Lunch, Trad Mass.

That's still a slightly busy weekend. Hmmm...Three masses. Ooops! I really only want to go to the Saturday night mass if Fr. Chris is celebrating it and not the 11 o'clock Mass.

I *never* get to hear his homilies [okay, so once in a blue moon, but does that count? Noooo...] It would be fully awesome if he would celebrate the 11 o'clock high mass more often but I think the so-called lottery is rigged. I love Fr. Newman, but I don't think he's all that willing to give up his High Mass that much.

I'm thinking about wearing a chapel veil again. An ivory one, maybe.

Oh and I lost my prayer book, so I'm sad. See?

I'm sad. I don't think St. Anthony knows where it is either. Help me pray to St. Anthony, just in case he does.

♥Tiffany Anne

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Adam Barnette said...

Sounds nice. How many Masses do you usually attend on Sundays?


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