Sunday, October 16, 2005

October 16th and ticking.

I was supposed to be in my new apartment by now. But I can't go until my Dad goes there and takes care of paperwork and such. Since he is paying and all.

I was supposed to have my new computer by now. But my Mom is being slack.

That's okay.

I talked to Mike on the phone last night for almost an hour. I love Mike! I hope that when he becomes a priest, he will still call me "doll".

I talked to Walt today for a long time. It was cool. I love Walt, he is too awesome. :-D

Oh. Mike mentioned St. Thomas More. So did Walt. So did Fr. Chris in his homily.

I think I'm going to do some more reading on St. Thomas More. :-D

♥Tiffany Anne

p.s. Oh, and since my blog is titled 'overanalyzed' and that is quite apt, I suppose I should add that I've been over-analyzing a bit lately. Over a guy. Ugh.

p.p.s. Pray that I'm more open to the Holy Spirit. Don't ask, 'cause I won't tell. The only one that knows is Brent. Ahh, big brothers, gotta love 'em.

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Adam Barnette said...

Yeah, St. Thomas More was pretty cool. His life of service to God in the world has been a huge inspiration to me. :)

Btw, I will pray for this issue you're "overanalyzing" about.


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