Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's Rocktober!

We got Matt Maher's CD "Welcome To Life" in.

Oh my gosh, Brent better leave for the seminary soon. As much as I'll miss him, it will really stop people from going, "So, are you"

Ron came into the store and dropped off my ticket to the dance and when I mentioned that Brent couldn't make it, he was asked if we were dating. He said he had seen us around campus together a lot.

Heaven forbid you have a friend that's of the opposite sex.

Judy gives me these 'knowing' looks when I mention something about Brent. Like when I see this thing I wanna get him for Christmas or when I talk about our Wednesday nights.

Because you wouldn't hang out with someone much less buy them something for Christmas unless you were dating them.

Right? Of course....

Here's to friends of the opposite sex....


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