Monday, July 28, 2014

Film photo session

The other afternoon I shot a roll of film while Joseph and I were having a little playtime. I'm pretty happy with the results and just had to share them. :)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Twinfest 4, Part 2: the one with the beer (and the rest of the family)

Yeah, okay, so it wasn't so much a part of Twinfest. But anytime I hang out with my sister is a good time. We just happened to be joined by the fam.

Saturday, we went to Quest Brewing for their first anniversary celebration

Dad, nerding out over the Dyson fan.

It was actually pretty cold! We were NOT expecting that for mid-July.

Sunday, we met up with the fan at Swamp Rabbit Brewery

Fries from Ellada Kouzina, the greek food truck. SO YUM.

Connect 4 is way serious. And Mary is pretty bad at it.

And here, I'll conclude this not-really-twinfest post with this photo of my sweet boy gazing up at me. Ignore the trash can in the background. :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Twinfest 4, Part 1: the one with the baby

It's TWINFEST, ya'll! Unfortunately, this year, I wasn't crazy about going away for a few days without Jojo. So, we compromised. Joseph and I drove up last week and spent Friday with Mary. 

Our first stop was Amelie's for lunch. I had a roast beef with manchgo sandwich on a croissant. It was delicious. But I was super excited to try some sweets! Mary and I both got two macarons each--my first ever macarons! They were so delicious, I can't wait to go back. :)

Our second stop was IKEA. We always go to IKEA. :)

Love his face on the pile of sheepskins! 

Next, we walked around South End for a bit. We ended up going to World of Beer and sharing a flight. Joseph enjoyed playing with his zippy cup. I don't think he can actually get any water out of it, though. :)

That sheet on the right is the list of beers as well as my scores for said beers. The first three were yummy and fruity, the last was super gross.

My little boy just loves to look out the window!

For dinner, we went to Charlotte's "food truck Friday." It's a food truck rally in an empty lot in South End. There were so many food trucks to choose from! I *so* wish Greenville would have a weekly food truck rally! I got a mushroom gruyere grilled cheese sandwich from Papi Queso Truck and it was soooo amazing. Best grilled cheese sandwich ever!

My sweet little Jojo had such a big day and was such a terrific trooper! That night was Joseph's first night sleeping in a new place. He did okay, but not great and I was pretty darn tired the next morning! But I did cosleep with him the second half of the night, and that is always so sweet. :) 

In the morning, we FaceTimed with Mike and Bella. It was pretty funny because Joseph kept trying to grab the phone, and Bella was confused because she could hear me but couldn't quite figure it out. For brunch, Mary, Jojo and I went to Eddie's Place. A diner just a little ways from her place. Joseph got his first taste of honey dew melon and loved it!

Stay tuned for Twinfest 4, part 2! :)


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